Saturday, July 5, 2014

Watermelon Punch Bowl

Hello, friends, and a belated Happy Independence Day to you! This is going to be something of a blitz attack of recipes; this being the first of four that I'll post today. It was a busy day in the kitchen yesterday, and happily, everything turned out delicious!
I first made this watermelon punch two years ago for a get-together with friends. It was delicious and such a creative, resourceful use of fruit; not to mention so summery and refreshing! I had to reprise the recipe for yesterday's fourth of July festivities.
It was very well-received. Everyone who tasted it immediately inquired, "WHAT'S IN THIS? HOW DO I MAKE IT?" So. For those people--and for you--the recipe follows below!
  • 1 oblong watermelon; seedless, if you can find it (the one I got yesterday was easily 20 pounds; maybe more. The bigger the watermelon, the more punch you'll have!)
  • 1 can pineapple juice
  • 1/2 bottle (1 Liter) Lemon-lime soda (Sprite, 7Up, or whatever you like)
  • 1/2 bottle (1 Liter) Ginger ale
Cut top third off of the watermelon; trim bottom just enough to make a flat surface. Scoop out flesh, being careful not to scoop through the bottom. (I did that once. Not a pretty picture). Working in batches, puree watermelon in a blender or food processor. Strain through a fine mesh sieve; discard solids and pulp.
(This watermelon was HUGE! I'm pretty sure when I hollered into the cavity, I heard an echo!) Add the pineapple juice and soda to the watermelon juice; stir and refrigerate 15-60 minutes for the flavors to blend. Transfer to the watermelon rind. Enjoy!
-For an adult summer beverage, feel free to add rum, vodka, or tequila to make things more interesting : )
-Use sparkling water or seltzer in place of soda.
-Substitute pineapple juice for lemon sorbet for a cold, fruity twist!


  1. OH MY..would love this...wonder if it can be done in smaller batches...would love to make up 1/2 gal of it to keep in fridge...wonder how long it lasts?

    1. Hey, Kas! It definitely can! You just have to use a smaller watermelon--maybe a smallish round one--and less of the sodas and pineapple juice.

      As for how long it keeps: I'm not sure! Every time I've made it has been for same-day consumption. It's fresh fruit juice, so you'd have to keep an eye on it, but as long as it's refrigerated, I could see it lasting up to two weeks? Maybe longer? Try it and let me know! :)