Hello, all! I'm Esther--the author and amateur chef, baker, and photographer behind Foodie & Fabulous. I'm so glad you're here!

I enjoy everything about food--reading about it, learning about it, looking at pictures of it, preparing it, eating it, and of course, sharing it with others. I live in Texas, just north of Dallas, and spend as much time in the kitchen as my days will allow!

I received my Masters degree in Counseling at the end of 2012, and have since taken a break from school to enjoy life outside of the classroom for the first time in a very, very long time, hence the birth of Foodie & Fabulous.

I have written other blogs in the past which suffered substantially (and eventually withered away), either because I was too busy to write or because I lost interest in my own material! Good grief.  However, cooking is something I always enjoy and try to do quite often, so hopefully, I get it RIGHT with this blog :)

Fast Facts From Foodie & Fabulous:
  1. If it wasn't already obvious, I LOVE alliteration (hence the cheesy title of this little section). I love writing, adore grammar, and am a terrific editor. I was probably an English teacher in a former life. :)
  2. I can't eat chicken. I desperately wish I could...but I can't. My system can't process it to digest it. The weird thing is, I ate chicken with no problems until 2005, then it all came crumbling down. I know. It's very sad. So...you will never see a chicken recipe here on Foodie & Fabulous. Sorry!
  3. Opening cans of biscuits and crescent rolls SCARES ME TO DEATH. I dislike sudden loud noises and become anxious every time I have to open one of those stupid tubes, so if someone else is around, I get them to do it for me!
  4. If I had to choose something to blog about other than food, it would absolutely be fashion. Who knows? Foodie & Fabulous may one day become a food AND fashion blog!
  5. I LOVE to travel. If my finances would allow it, I'd probably be in Spain right now, or Asia, or maybe Australia...Brazil? I'm not picky :) My most recent adventure took me to Kenya, in east Africa two islands in Hawaii! It's a beautiful, beautiful state.
  6. I have three younger siblings whom I love with all my heart--two brothers and a sister. They are awesome, wonderful people--and very good looking too!
  7. I am a third-culture kid. My parents are from Ghana, West Africa and I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; however, I have lived in Texas for most of my life. I suppose that makes me a "Can-Afri-Texan." That's the quickest way I know how to answer the question, "Esther, where are you from?"
  8. I play guitar and a little bit of piano. I want to learn how to play the bass guitar and the upright bass. I think it would make me look cool--maybe bump up my street cred a little? HA.
  9. I have worn glasses since I was nine years old. I am utterly lost without them, and must always wear SOME kind of corrective lenses in order to see.
  10. I rarely wear my hair out of braids. As with my glasses, I am utterly lost without my braids! It's a personal style preference as well as a time-saving, cost-effective, and ever-fashionable hair solution.
  11. I don't know how to take pictures without smiling. I feel like it makes me look silly!
  12. I originally capped this list at ten items, but then thought of the 11th...and now I'm writing this one so that the list will be even. If I think of anything else, I will have to go all the way to 15 so that I have a nice, round number. That's weird, right? Probably. Oh well. It is what it is. 
      • *Amended 5/29/2013: I thought of more things to add! 
  13. Thrift store shopping is extremely trendy and popular right now, but I prefer to buy most of my things brand new.
  14. I have never been able to finish an entire beer. Ever. 
  15. I can't think of more than one or two DIY (Do It Yourself) projects that I have ever done, but I imagine myself to be AWESOME at DIY stuff. Hahaha. Like...when I see something on Pinterest, I imagine the project from start to finish and I always think that when I'm done, it will have been perfectly executed and ready for display at Ikea or Pottery Barn or something. Until I DO try (and successfully complete) a cool DIY project, I guess I should pay close attention to the outcomes of those unfortunate others who think like me. See Pinterest Fail for reference.
      • *Amended again 6/5/2013:
  16. I hate the smell of baby powder and baby oil, or really, anything "powder fresh".  Most people love it (or are indifferent to it)...but not me.
  17. I dislike like 99% of all games and icebreakers. Game night is my nightmare, unless I'm playing word games like Scrabble, Taboo, or Scattergories. I also dislike events like "Field Day", ropes and obstacle courses, and the like. To compensate, I sometimes feign extreme enthusiasm and energy--but don't be fooled.
  18. I happen to be very good at remembering names. 
      • Amended yet again 6/6/2013
  19. If I could be on any reality TV show, it would be Chopped. Though I've never heard of most of the ingredients they use, I stinkin' love that show!
  20. I also really like the Golden Girls. Yeah, I said it! I think they're hilarious.
I really look forward to getting to know you all! Again, thanks for taking the time to stop by. Happy cooking!


  1. I TOTALLY understand about your fear of canned biscuits & rolls, I am the exact same way. My husband laughs at me whenever I ask him to open them for me, but I just hate the suspense of waiting for it to pop!

    1. Ugh, FINALLY someone who understands! Haha. Thanks for the empathy, Claire, and thank you for stopping by! Wonderful to meet you : )

  2. Just came across your blog...love your recipes AND your sense of humor! Pretty sure we were kindred spirits in some other time and place! lol I wish I could wear my hair in braids (consider yourself lucky!), I also play the piano "a little" - just started 2 years ago! and I can't finish a beer either! haha. I thought I was the only one! I am up here in COLD Canada (Saskatchewan) and these days cooking is about the only thing we can do that's productive and keeps us warm! lol I look forward to following your cooking adventures!! Enjoy that sun down in Texas!! :)

    1. Hi, Patty! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a note! Your comments made me smile. As of today, it's not all that sunny in Texas. It was 80 degrees F yesterday, and 20 degrees today with sleet and other frozen precipitation (though I dare not compare OUR cold with YOUR cold. HA!) I'm not worried, though, because as it always does, the Texas weather will change soon enough :) I'm glad you're here! Do you have a blog as well?

  3. Esther, how did I not know you had a blog? While it has taken me a bit to find it, I'm so glad I did! I just finished reading the About section. Gosh I miss you and all these wonderful things about you!

    1. Hey, Michelle! I started this blog last April--I link it on Facebook fairly often when I post new recipes! :) I'm so glad you're here! Welcome.