Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Recap

Guys. It's December 31, 2013. HOW?! Wow. For fear of repeating myself ad nauseum, I'll spare you the "this has been the toughest/weirdest/craziest/most challenging year of my life to date" spiel, and just say--2014, you're going to be a better year! :)

The past couple of weeks have been busy and full of family, fun, and naturally, food! Here's a brief photo recap of the holidays as I bid farewell to 2013 in anticipation of a wonderful, adventurous, exciting, and fulfilling 2014.
Vanilla Christmas Tree cupcakes (Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting)

Tuxedo Cake (Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cream cheese frosting, topped with semi-sweet chocolate ganache and white/semi-sweet chocolate shavings)
 My sweet family, minus my brother and sister in law, whom we missed terribly!
Me and my sweet "niece", Makayla--the cutest and funniest baby girl ever!
New Year's Eve brunch: Croissant stuffed with scrambled eggs, crispy turkey bacon, smoked pepper jack cheese, and avocado--with homemade hash browns and some sliced Honeycrisp apples on the side.

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